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Welcome to South Charlotte Baseball!


Thank you for considering South Charlotte Baseball! We strive to provide a comprehensive baseball program for players of all experience and ability levels from age 4 through 16 years old. 


Mission Statement of South Charlotte Baseball
The mission of South Charlotte Baseball and affiliated programs is to serve the needs of the youth baseball community in South Charlotte. SC Baseball will provide opportunities for learning, development and competition for youth players of all levels from the introductory player to the experienced, longtime player who is considered a prospect for his or her high school or college baseball team.


Tentative 2017 Fall Baseball Schedule


Aug 20

Move-up Clinic at OP fields

RMP – 1PM (field 6)

MP – 1PM (field 1)

Minors – 2PM (field 3)

Majors – 1PM (field 2)

Aug 23

Coaches Meeting – Endhaven Elementary 6:30PM

Aug 24

2017 Fall Baseball Registration Closes

Aug 26

Baseball Evaluation at OP fields

RMP – (field 6)

All players arrive at 9:00

MP – (field 1)

Last Name (A-M): 9:00 – 10:00

Last Name (N-Z): 10:00 – 11:00

Minors – (field 3)

Last Name (A-M): 10:00 – 11:00

Last Name (N-Z): 11:00 – 12:00

Majors – (field 2)

All players arrive at 9:00

Aug 28

First Team Practices

Sep 16

Opening Day

What equipment does your SCRA player need?


SCRA provides each player with a Jersey, Hat, Belt, and Socks.

Catchers equipment is provided for RMP-Majors (There are no catchers in T-Ball)


The below items are not supplied by SCRA and recommended every player have:

Baseball Glove

Batting Helmet

Bat (2 ¼” diameter ONLY, NO Big Barrel Bats)

Baseball Pants

Baseball Cleats

Protective Cup (Required when playing catcher)


Bat Rules:


The only rule for T-ball is that the barrel does not exceed 2 ¼” diameter.



The bat may not exceed 33” in length, and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 1⁄4” in diameter (NO BIG BARREL BATS). Only 2 1⁄4” barrel non-wood bats marked BPF 1.15 will be allowed. Wood 2 1⁄4” barrel bats are allowed.


Bat Purchasing Heads-up:

SCRA is affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball.  Cal Ripken Baseball is adopting new Bat Rules for 2018.  The new rules for 2018 will permit 2 5/8” barrel bats with a USABAT stamp on them.  2 ¼” bats can still be used in 2018 but will still need the USABAT stamp on the bat.  Composite bats and BPF 1.15 stamped bats currently legal in 2017 will not be legal in 2018.